Ann's Live2D Rigging Commissions

Hello ! I'm Ann/Ayumi and I've been animating with Live2D for 3 years.


Model for @rinonako98
Art by @rikito99

Model for @mewgles
Art by Bananashi

Model for Reddu Rilu
Art by Bananashi

Model for @PuzzlyWuzzly
Art by @Erurichu
Demo on VTube Studio

Model for Minerva
Art by @yositake_ozisan


The art is not included!BASE PRICE IS 200€ (230$ approx) for bust and 280€ (325$ approx) for fullbody
(240€ for half body)
· Bust include: Head X Y and Z axis, blinking, pupils, brow movements, breathing, mouth, slight bust rotation, hair and clothes physics,· Fullbody include :
-Head X Y and Z axis, blinking, pupils, brow movements, hair physics, breathing, body X Y and Z axis, arm movement, hair and clothes physics
· +10€ for 1 extra emotion (such as sad, angry, blushing...)
· +20 for 1 extra animation (movement including the body such as peace sign, putting hand on the waist...)
· If the design is complex (accessories, animal ears, multi layers clothings...) price will also change.


1. I can decline your commission after checking your psd2. Delivery between 2 weeks and 2 months depending on where your are on my list : if you have a short deadline, let me know3. You have to credit me when using this avatar in a place that can easily be seen by the audience (@Ayumi_kado for twitter or @ayumikado_ for tiktok)4. At least 3 WIP of the animation will be sent before sending the final files (.moc3 and .json)5. The client will not issue a chargeback for the commission in any circumstance. The client can ask for a partial refund during the process, if the WIPs provided are not satisfactory. The client can ask for a full refund if the deadline given at the start of the commission is not respected by me.6. If you decide to cancel the commission, for any reason other than the quality of the work, you will only be refunded an amount equal to the % of the work left7. The client have unlimited revisions allowed between WIPs. When I send the files, you'll have 3 revisions allowed.8. Re-sale is completely forbidden including : adoptable, old model when buying a new one. Reselling at a higher price is heavily forbidden, and can result in legal action.9. Prices may be subjected to changes without notice. It is not my responsibility to provide you former services or services to a former price.10. Prices on this carrd include personnal use, and commercial use for individuals. For companies, please contact me.11. cmo3 (editable files) will not be provided